"You shouldn’t be worried about equality, women can vote!" Ah yes now I can choose which straight white man can oppress me what a time to be alive

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I’ve been having a horrible time- holding myself together.

lol when people ask me what country I am from because I look so “exotic”

Casey is back.

And he took me to get a massage. 
And he surprised me with a potted plant and a gift card to A.Apparel.

Manic panic dream girl

Manic panic dream girl

Ezra Miller

” I am very much in love with no one in particular .”

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If Wes Anderson directed porn (mostly SFW)

This is actually amazing.

This is TOO accurate.

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Nana Grizol - Cynicism


CynicismNana Grizol

I once saw a sunset so vivid and warm that I swore it was perfect
I once had a lover, I’m not sure if I’ll recover, but I know it was worth it

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Amy Winehouse talking about tattoos during the backstage of her La Semaine gig, in January 2007 (x)

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my heart is ugly. but it could be all yours.

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